Selar Summer Internships Program – 2012

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“Selar Enterprises is a young organization with a promising team and a concrete agenda. We provide the full range of services related to air cargo in Pakistan and are able to leverage off an older family business by the name of Delta Shipping (Pvt) Ltd. which has been focusing on the sea shipment requirements of its customers for the past three decades.

Imparting knowledge, experience and exposure to young and dynamic individuals is one of the core objectives of Selar Enterprises. With this objective in mind, Selar is proud to roll out its first Summer Internships Program (SIP). We are looking for self motivated, creative and energetic undergraduate students for the said program.”


Position # 1                :           Internee – Marketing & Sales Department

Position # 2                :           Internee – Research Department

Requirements                        :


Other Details:

The SIP has duration of 8 weeks, starting 1st of June 2012, and is aimed at providing hands-on professional experience to deserving candidates in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Research and Sales. The program will focus on grooming future professionals and business executives by exposing them to the “real world corporate dynamics.  

Interested Candidates should apply to Selar Summer Internships Program by filling in the attached form and sending  to, latest by May 9, 2012. 

For more information about Selar Enterprises visit and like FaceBook Fan page

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Internship – UBL Insurers 2012

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We offer two types of Internship Programmes

  1. Summer Internship Programme (between May to July)
  2. Year Round Internship Programme


The objectives of our programmes are to provide an opportunity to the students to:

  1. gain a glimpse / exposure to the practical corporate culture
  2. know the difference between theory and practice
  3. enhance their academic and personal growth
  4. to introduce our company to them
  5. attract top talent for future employment and identify potential resources
  6. offer a promising career in the insurance industry


These programmes are offered to students during or after their bachelor programme or masters programme.


The minimum duration of the programmes is 2 weeks and extending upto 8 weeks.



Interested applicants apply at specifying “UBL Insurers Internship” in the subject before 26th April 2012


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Telenor Summer Internship program

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Telenor has kick started their Summer Internship program 2012 – details are as follows:

1.       Application process: online application on

2.       How to apply:

a.       Go to

b.      Click on job opportunities

c.       If the applicant is new, he/she needs to create their profile

d.      Once the profile is completely filled in, click the home page link to go to where the vacancies are displayed – click on ‘summer internship 2012’ which will appear under the header of vacancies, once the document opens, the candidate needs to click the “apply” button that will appear towards the very end.


3.       Timelines for application: [Start: 9th April 2012] – [End: 22nd April 2012]

4.       Eligibility

a.       Students graduating in 2012 and 2013 will be eligible for internship

b.      Students who have graduated in 2012 will be eligible for internship

c.       Students who  have interned with them but not more than once are also eligible for internship


5.       Duration

•          Internships will be offered for tenure of minimum 6 weeks and maximum 8 weeks, commencing from the month of June.


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Online Application & Assessment (First Step)

Positions Available :               Summer Interns


Qualification           :               Masters/Bachelors Degree Students

Eligibility                  :               2nd Last Year Students Can Apply Only

How to Apply:

To apply for the summer internship program 2012, please visit the website below and complete all steps. All details for applying online are as Follows:

  • Go to
  • First Step: select country & language then click on the search button.
  • Second Step, One you are directed to the new page scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find the current jobs . Click on the internship link to view the job description and then hit the apply online button.
  • Third Step, Click on the new user button the system will then prompt you to set a unique login and password. Also enter a valid email address.

Once you have entered your login particulars, the application form begins. It consists of 6 steps and you must fill out your personal information for all Steps in the fields marked with an asterisk (*).

  • For Step 1, the system requests you for your contact information. Once you are done filling out this information, click on the “Save and Continue” button on the bottom of the page to move onto the next step.
  • For Step 2, the system requests for your Education information. To fill out the Institution field, click on the button, “View List”. A popup box with a list of institutions will appear. Search for your institution from the list and click on “Done”. The popup box closes and you are back to the same screen. If your institution is not listed then choose other from the list and click on “Done”. Now type out the name of your institution in the field titled, only if your institution is not included in the list above, type the correct name here. Follow the same procedure for the field titled Major/Specialization. Also select your education level and graduation date from the drop-down boxes. After completion click on the “Confirm” button. After this, the screen will show you all the information as entered by you. If you are sure that the information is correct then click on “Save and Continue”.

Now that you have moved onto

  • Step 3, copy-paste your resume in the text box provided. Click on the Help link if you need instructions on how to do this. You may also choose to attach a formatted copy of your resume to your profile. Simply follow the instructions on the page as indicated and click on the “Save and continue” button.
  • Step 4 requires you to fill out a questionnaire. Answering questions marked with an asterisk (*) is mandatory and only doing so moves you onto the next step.
  • Step 5, select the source which prompted you to apply to the job opening. After selecting the source from the “General” drop-down box, the screen will refresh only after which you must make a selection from the “Specific” drop-down box. Click on the “Save and Continue” button once you are done. Your application is complete! The screen shows a few basic instructions about how you would be informed of your application status. Read through these carefully and once you are done, click on the “End Session Now” link.
  • Step 6 Once you are done with this, you will receive a link to the Online Assessment containing questions focusing on different aspects of your personality. Please remember that this Assessment is scored, therefore, please take your time to fill this out. You can only be eligible for the interviews, once you have cleared BOTH the Global Reasoning Test and Online Assessment.


IMPORTANT          :               The deadline is February 29, 2012

(All eligible candidates are required to fill out Online Application & Assessment soon)



Mr. Lester Lobo, Human Resources, P&G Pakistan, Direct # 0213-5201211, Email:

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Summer Internship Program 2011 – ICI Pakistan

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 Positions Available      :        Summer Interns
Qualification       :        MBA
Major                        :        Marketing only
CGPA                        :        Minimum 3.0
Eligibility              :        Only   those   MBA   students   can   apply   who   are  graduating    in   2012
How to Apply:
Interested & eligible students should apply online latest by Tuesday June 28, 2011 (1:00 PM) at: & must send their latest resumes mentioning ‘Candidate for Internship’ by email to:

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SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2011 – English Biscuit

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Positions Available    :           Summer Interns



Qualification  :           Masters/Bachelors Degree Students

CGPA               :           Minimum 3.00

Who can Apply/Eligibility:

·  Students completing their degree (course) requirements in Spring 2011, Summer 2011 & Fall 2011 & are  eligible for official summer internship can apply only

How to Apply:

Interested & eligible candidates should send their resumes with recent photograph latest by April 20, 2011 to:



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Unilever Management Trainee and Summer Internship Applications Online

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Unilever Management Trainee and Summer Internship Applications Online
now! To apply please visit the Unilever Pakistan website.


For MT Programme:

For Summer Internship:

Application deadline 31st January 2011

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